Program Outcomes

Program Outcomes

Outcomes are the changes or benefits that result from participating in a program. The following outcomes have been identified and verified through our professional evaluation instruments.

Benefits of participating in a People & Stories/Gente y Cuentos program series include the following:

* Self-esteem~ self-confidence and self-assurance increases through self-discovery of potential

* Literacy~ improvements in reading, comprehension, the ability to organize thoughts and the ability to discuss and analyze stories

* Critical Thinking~ increases in problem solving, decision making and imaginative thinking

* Cultural Context~ increases in cultural appreciation, tolerance, conflict resolution and the breaking down of stereotypes

* Authentic Voice~ increases in personal expression and a stronger, more articulate voice

* Engagement ~ increased social participation and responsiveness to others

* Well-Being ~ increases in coping skills, resilience and intention to change behavior; increased appreciation for one’s personal narrative